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At Phil’s Glass we manufacture all of our own doors. They are available in many styles, including; Sliding doors, sliding stacker Doors, hinged entry doors and frames.  All are available in a large colour range and can be custom made to suit your requirements

We can supply for you and we also specialise in a complete fitting service where we remove your old door and frames including the internal and external trims back to the bare stud or brick openings. We then install the new doors and frames including all new internal timber work and external trims as required.

This is a complete service done by our own tradesman.

Accessories to further enhance your choice

There are many accessories you may choose to suit your new doors as listed below:

  1. Sliding fly doors or security doors to suit sliding doors. Available in many designs.
  2. Sliding door security bolt locks for sliding doors.
  3. Colonial bars to suit all doors.
  4. Federation bars to suit all doors.
  5. Sanding and pre-sealing of all internal timberwork.
  6. Cart away all old frames and trims to the tip.
  7. Removal and refit of curtains, tracks and blinds.
  8. A complete range of new Blinds to suit your new doors.

Energy Efficient Glass

To help you keep your property cooler in summer and hotter in winter, plus to help with privacy, UV protection and security, we can offer you the following glass options, with all thicknesses of glass being up to the Australian standards AS1288:

  1. Comfortone tinted glass. Available in Clear and Grey tints, which offers some privacy over clear glass without reducing the natural light. It can also keep your home up to 10% cooler.
  2. Tinted laminated safety glass. Available in a Clear and Grey tint, which offers all of the above, plus security from burglars and offers a 99% UV protection. It will also offer some heat loss benefits, as it is thicker than normal glass. It is also very good for noise reduction.
  3. Comfort plus laminated glass. Available in clear or grey tint which will offer you all the benefits of the tinted laminated glass as above plus this glass has a special coating that provides thermal and solar control enhancements similar to that of double-glazing.

Double Glazing. Available in clear or tinted units. Being two planes of glass with a sealed air-space. This air-space makes a highly efficient insulator and acts as a two-way solution, trapping warm air inside and keeping cold air outside in cold weather, but in hot weather it works the opposite way. Double-glazing is also very good for noise reduction and will help prevent condensation.