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Security Doors

At Phil’s Glass and Aluminium we manufacture our complete range of hinged and sliding security doors in our Devonport factory using our own staff to ensure the best quality.

We have a complete range of colours and styles, including; Single diamond security doors,  colonial casting security doors, and aluminium perforated mesh security doors.

All of our doors are custom made and can be installed for you, and can be adapted to fit most hinged door frames and sliding doors.

We have a complete range of accessories to complement your new security door, including;

3 point locks, lock guards, doggie doors, cat doors, pet proof mesh, aluminium door frame adaptors, aluminium top and bottom track adaptors, and 1/2 panels for single diamond doors.

Call in, see our range, and organise a free quote.

Perforated Mesh

Single Diamond

Single Diamond Door

Casting Door

Casting Door

Casting Door

Security Sliding Door

Doggie Door

Perforated Mesh Door

Half Panel Door